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Hi, we are QPC and we are here to help

We are a team of professional therapists who can help you get unstuck.

Our team of qualified Counselors

Our core team of counselors consists of experienced psychologists with years of experience in providing therapy to hundreds of individuals in Kenya.

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Founder and Lead Counselor of Q.P.C.

Our founder and lead counselor of QPC Counselors has more than 15 years experience of counseling and psychology in different capacities. Hover profile picture to read more....

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Counselling Psychologist

Associate Counselor/Member:Kenya Counseling and Psychological Association, QPC, FoJTF. EMPOWERED TO EMPOWER- Using Problem Based Learning and Coaching. Hover picture to read more.

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Lead youth Counselor

As a young adult herself, Marilyn is our lead counselor for youth related affairs. She has more than 6 years experience in counseling and rehabilitation therapy.

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Nancy is an accredited psychologist with many years experience in dealing with therapy for adolesents, youth and adults accross different spheres.

Rosemary W. Mathenge(Founder)

Counselor/Therapist; Child, Youth, Family and Marriage

Mentor and Active Listener

Couseling Philosophy

Worked with Faith Based Organisation as a Counselor and support group facilitator for a period of 10 years. Registered Counselor Consultancy with Queen of Peace Counselors (QPC). Services include:

  • Daily counseling sessions through booked appointments.
  • Facilitates mentorship programmes during school holidays to pupils, students, and youth.
  • Training basic counseling skills to women groups.
  • Motivational talks to schools.
  • Media presentations.
  • Booked online therapy, Chat online therapy and phone calls therapy.

The goal is to help people transform attitude and inspire action for meaningful life. Motivate people to develop different positive thinking.

Equip individuals/groups with tools to cope with the complexity of life as well as foster balance which makes for health and resilient individuals.

Passionately, I love working with youth and young married couples, listening to their challenges and give them an opportunity to express their thought. I feel privileged to encourage them, couch and facilitate growth as they struggle in search for happiness.

Joseph Mwangi Kamau

Counselling Psychologist M.A, B.Ed., PhD Fellow- Health Communication

If you think someone need Counseling/Life Couching in the following Areas:
  • Establishing Basic Health and Study Habits.
  • Developing Sustainable Mentor-ship and Human Values.
  • Rehabilitation, Reconciliation and Reintegration Counseling.
  • Managing Emerging Psycho-social Issues (controlling screen addiction, social and exam anxiety, managing anger and bad Temperament among others).
  • Taking Responsibility and Developing Work Ethic.
Couseling Philosophy

Associate Counselor/Member: Kenya Counseling and Psychological Association, QPC, FoJTF.

EMPOWERED TO EMPOWER- Problem Based Learning Approach.


Our passion is help you find your way out…

Queen of Peace has a strong commitment to meeting your psychological needs…professional help…to make you live a normal, happy and hopeful life.

Talks to us today… meet our excellent team of counselors who in a confidential process are designed to help you address all your concerns. At QPC, our therapeutic work is guided by the belief in the human worth and dignity of our clients.

Are you encountering or feeling any Social, Emotional, or Behavioral gap disorders? Are you straining with either of the following adjustment problems?

  • Anxiety
  • Doubt and a lack of self-understanding
  • Struggles with matters of faith
  • Physical or emotional problems
  • Alcohol- and drug-related issues
  • Recovery from divorce
  • The feeling that something is missing in life
  • Codependency Financial problems
  • Premarital values Issues clarification and decision making
  • Marriage and family problems
  • Inability to communicate
  • Sexual frustration or confusion
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional or physical violence
  • Loneliness and insecurity
  • Personal illness or the illness of another
  • Loss of a family member
  • Depression
  • Job-related stress
  • Difficulties with school or social life
  • The feeling that life is no longer worthwhile
about me
about me

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